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Packery Channel Nature Center

Packery Channel Nature Park

Laguna Madre

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Packery Channel Nature Park is located on the Laguna Madre side of North Padre Island. Park is opened from dawn to dusk daily.


● Kayaking

● Fishing

● Birding

● Nature Watching



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Packery Channel Park

Packery Channel Nature Park Gallery

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Visitor Center

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Recreational Amenities

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Pavilion & Boardwalk

Vehicle Access: A paved roadway starts at the park's entrance and continues towards the channel's shoreline, then extending parallel to the shoreline for the full length of the park's property. Bollards protect the immediate sensitive shoreline areas from being disturbed by cars.

New habitat protection bollard controls and paved roadway, improved shoreline parking and two kayak launch areas, nature observation and birding boardwalk and pavilion, humming bird and butterfly garden, bird fountains and drip stations, nature interpretive signage, picnic area and benches,

planting of native trees, shrubs, and forbs. The new "Nature Park" was also recently expanded from

a 20-acre park to an approximate 38-acre dedicated Nature Park.

Oak Motte: There is a large, protected oak motte at the park's entrance which is a very popular bird watching attraction. The bollard system protecting the oak motte was funded by a grant from the Texas Coastal Management Program and the Coastal Coordination Council.


A pavilion and boardwalks also exist that have been provided by the Coastal Bend Bay and Estuaries Program .



Packery Channel Park Vision Statement

Directions to Packery Channel

"To provide a Nature Preserve Park that displays and protects the coastal natural resources of the ecologically rich shoreline, woodlands, and grassland habitat of the Mustang Island-North Padre Island through habitat enhancement, conservation, and education compatible with nature/outdoor tourism, passive public access, and recreational use involving bird/nature observation, trails, kayak/paddle craft use, and fishing access."

Packery Channel Park Goals

● Development of park improvements, including shelters and restrooms

● Woodland habitat creation and restoration project

Padre Island Beach Sand and Waves

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